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plot box


» For all kinds of shenanigans. Things I want to do will be listed here and if anyone has any ideas, hit me up. It'd be easier to post on the other topics for things listed here so it will not become cluttered!

» general open post. smutty open post. general memes. smutty memes. au scenarios.

» writing box.

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Break down and some other stuff, lmk if this works!

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He should have known better not to trust the goddamn Winnebago a second time. It was a miracle the thing worked at all, but when he'd crammed Rick in through the door and taken to the driving seat - all. over. again - he'd at least expected the thing to hold out. It started with an unsettling rattle, went to the destination, and he'd parked up expecting it to go again when he needed it to.

But, lesson taught, Rick slumped in the seat beside him defeated, he's turned the key and the engine had backfired and cut out with a puff of smoke.

He supposed he should be grateful it wasn't on fire. The dead converged on the grounded machine, attracted by the noise, and Negan scowled at the rotting faces as the bodies pressed themselves up against the outsides of the vehicle. It was like a fortress inside, of course, it would hold, but...

"Man oh man. Today just keeps getting better and better, don't it?"

He shot a glance at Rick, then pulled himself up to his feet, starting to pull the curtains in the cabin, beckoning for Rick to follow him.

"You keep this place stocked for crap like this, right? Food, water, pack of cards? Why don't you give me the tour?"

It wasn't a request. Given the dead "holy" man hanging from the bridge, entrails feeding the mob below (punishment for Rick's little uprising), the lesson had to be learned by now. Obedience. That was all he wanted, all he'd accept.

And if Rick didn't want to learn, he could always go back outside.

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I can ttly write 3rd prsn

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rick wants to scream.

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( some memes I love ).

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caught in the rain.
stuck in an elevator.
random scenarios.
all kinds of aus!
sharing a bed.
slow dancing.
intimating bathing.
all the texting.
all the picture prompts.
minor injury.
letter writing.
college aus.
high school aus.
road trip.
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steve rogers.

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