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au scenarios open post

» Hit this up for all kinds of scenarios.
» Put my character's name in the subject line. If you leave it blank, I'll surprise you with a muse.
» Prose and brackets are both welcomed.

» Here are some possibilities but open to all sorts of things!

Arranged Marriage.
Apocalypse / Post-Apocalypse.
Fake relationships / engagements / marriages.
Victorian Era.
Fairy Tales.
The Hunger Games.
Harry Potter.
The 100.

Pick one of my characters: here.

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Clark Kent / Superman

[personal profile] something_else 2017-05-11 06:15 am (UTC)(link)
They say that you can't go home again, and after five years in hell, Oliver Queen had at last returned to Starling City. That said, the saying held true, he was still far from home in his soul. He had left on that boat the son of a billionaire, heir to an economic empire that is Queen Consolidated, a playboy, and a (multiple) college dropout. He'd lost his father, and others too, in that time-span. In addition, he'd lost his whole worldview and mindset as well, everything was different. His father, before taking his own life to save Oliver, had removed the rose-tinted glasses that Ollie used to see the world through. He now knew that his father, and many others, were crooked and evil - he knew they needed to be stopped. Fortunately, five years in hell did wonders for him, and turned him into a deadly weapon. It was time the criminals of Starling City were brought to justice, one way or another...
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No matter how anyone tried to prevent it, evil would always lurk around and try to overtake everything else. But good would always triumph in the end, something Clark just had to believe even if it seemed a little naive in some ways. He knew there were struggles, of course, and he wouldn't always win but it didn't matter as long as there were others to slide in and fight. He didn't need to be the shining light as long as there were others right there along with him. Now, while he appreciated others taking up the cause, there were those who did not go about things the right way. The vigilantes of the world were nearly as dangerous as the criminals they were supposedly fighting against. There had to be limits and rules or anarchy would win out.

Landing on the ground in Starling City, Clark looked around to try and find where he had been informed the 'Green Arrow' lurked. The newest vigilante and one Clark needed to check into. Things were very conflicted lately all over the place and they didn't need anyone else adding to the chaos.
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It was true, Oliver the Green Arrow often went beyond what was needed. On the other hand, the new vigilante had no fancy alien or meta-human capabilities at his disposal - only a focus on justice for those wronged and to protect his home from the evils of the world he'd become all too aware of.

Superman wasn't the first to come searching for him, he was however certainly the most problematic. Most of the people coming for him were common thugs paid off by other men, or just flat out criminals wanting to keep the status quo. Upon learning of Superman entering the city, the Green Arrow decided to inspect what the man from Metropolis was doing here. He fired an arrow at Clark's feet. "That was a warning shot." he masked his voice.

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[ with the lingering promise of freedom right at their fingertips, Veronica quickly shoved another bag into the trunk. a tiny frown pulled at her features because she might not be able to close the trunk with all her 'essential' things. like she could help it she needed outfits for every occasion. did Reggie really need more than one bag? yanking out one bag, she decided to put it in the backseat instead, getting things all set before Reggie came back out of the house and noticed her 'situating' things. ]

REG! COME ON! [ it would be a long drive but the road trip aspect of it would be fun. one last hooray before they needed to be more serious minded students. ] YOU ARE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL! [ if he didn't hurry he would lose the right to drive and would have to deal with her terror skills. she drove too fast for one thing and had a lot of 'road rage' for another. not really the best combination to deal with. ]
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[personal profile] bragnificent 2017-07-02 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
God, would you hold your horses, Ronnie-- I'm coming, all right, here I come!

[ Not that their positions couldn't just as easily be reversed, with Reggie impatiently honking the horn trying to rush Veronica outside... but such is not the case today. Reggie slams the door shut and practically vaults down the porch steps as he heads toward the car, a backpack and duffelbag both slung half-assedly over one shoulder.

He opens the trunk of the car and stares, unimpressed, at how crammed it is.

Wow, thanks. I mean, why would I need clothes, right? That's nuts.

[ But then he tosses his bags into to the backseat, too, before getting into the driver's seat. It's not worth getting upset about, though, especially not before they're about to go on the road; he has way more shit too, honestly, but he's having the rest shipped-- mostly because packing light is impossible but he does not want to make more than one trip. ]

Well, this is it. You ready?
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[ More than anything else, Veronica could not wait to leave Riverdale behind with all its secrets and sudden twists of fate. They all went through so much in the town and starting over new sounded like nearly too good to be true. Could anyone blame her for wanting to start her new life? Even more so when it finally gave her the independence from her parents and the chance to make her own name for herself. The Lodges were so tarnished but this gave her the opportunity to give the name another meaning.

She would not take it for granted.

Grinning over at Reggie, she only shrugged a shoulder when he looked in the trunk. Listen, there were plenty more things to come and this happened to be her traveling light.

Sliding into the passenger's seat, she started fiddling with her phone to slide into the dock and fire up one of her playlists. She made a lot of road trip playlists specifically for the occasion. ]

I think I've been ready for years. How do you feel about leaving Riverdale?

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@takesabeating | ghost au

[personal profile] stevegrogers 2017-06-30 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Ducking into a rather rundown looking building, Steve let out a relieved breath. The place looked really nondescript and would allow them a small reprieve from not only the fighting but from the constant sound of gunfire. Stripping off his helmet, Steve made his way up the stairs to have some privacy from the rest of the Commandos. He enjoyed the comradely aspect of the group, of course, but he also wanted some semblance of privacy for the first time in months.

The bedroom meeting his eyes looked as rundown as the rest of the place but it actually had a bed. Yes. Flopping back onto it, Steve let out a slow groan, toeing off his boots to let them slip off to the side and land with a soft thud onto the ground.

The scent of food rose to greet him from downstairs but he didn't feel like moving yet. He'd grab for something later. Moving onto his stomach, Steve tried to make himself comfortable, also ignoring the fact he really needed a shower and had made a greater mess of the bed. ]
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[ There are noises downstairs. The sounds of soldiers, and for a moment a panic rises in Matt until he hears their accents. There's no race to provide medical aid, however, which makes him wonder what might have brought them. Will the enemy follow? What if their presence draws attention to the little makeshift hospital?

Concern for the wounded men and the kind civilians who've taken them in, he hurries toward the staircase, only to come face to face with one of them. A tall, broad man, with a heavy step that speaks of exhaustion. Matt is moving to quickly to stop, and he tenses for the impending impact.

Except that it doesn't happen. The man goes right through him, cause a wave of disorientation and nausea that sends Matt to his knees on the stairs. On its heels is a rush of memory, one that makes him raise his hand to his face with soft sob.

He can feel the blood, but he can't see the way it paints his hand. Even in death, the injury remains. And now he remembers that this isn't a hospital any longer. There's no one here but him, and nothing he can do to help anyone at all.

Rising to his feet, he moves slowly back up the stairs and down the hall, stopping in the doorway to one of the bedrooms. The old bed creaks under the soldier's weight, and Matt wonders how much time has passed since he breathed his last in that very spot. ]

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[ The safety afford to him in Wakanda ended the moment he left the boundary line of the country but he couldn't stand being so secluded anymore and needed missions to take care of. He always thought of himself a soldier and needed tasks to have a direction and a purpose of some sort. The current objective being the extraction of a high level operative of HYDRA to learn the intel he had stored up. The man had deflected and Steve needed to know why before the organization managed to silence him.

Creeping through the bushes, Steve looked up at the warehouse where he tracked the man to. So, he waited for the man to move from the hideout and when he finally made an appearance, Steve didn't even have time to grab for the man before shots were fired.

Damn it.

Rushing forward, Steve tackled the man but the ensuing battle ended with him having a busted lip and the man slipping off to who knew where. Hands resting on his hips, he turned to the direction of where he heard the shots. He only knew of one person with such a deadly accurate shot and he hadn't seen him in years. ]

Come out now, Frank! [ The demand to his tone left little room for argument. ] Let me tell you all about how you ruined my extraction.
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[personal profile] thegoodbad 2017-06-30 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[Frank should have known where there was HYDRA to be found, some member of the Avengers wouldn't be too far behind. There are certain jobs he's sure to plan accordingly because he knows he could be interrupted by one annoying hero or another, but he didn't think a lone high level shithead would be enough to stir up the attention of Captain America... all by himself, to boot.

The shot goes clean through the bastard's shoulder, only missing because he wanted to, his next bullet meant for the man's left knee - before the goddamn flash of red, white, and blue runs right by him and gets in the way, scuffling with the man before he manages to run off. Frank watches this with disappointment through the scope of his weapon, never getting enough of a clean shot to put him down. He glares before getting onto his feet, staring down at Steve from up high on the roof of the same warehouse.]

Looks to me like you're the one who ruined it. [A scoff.] I left a trail to follow.

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@wanda. little mermaid AU.

[personal profile] stevegrogers 2017-07-06 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Sailing on the high seas for so long, Prince Steve decided to have a little fun and grabbed onto one of the ropes to climb his way up to the lookout point but before he reached the area, he allowed himself to swing a little. The gasps below on the deck only made him laugh but the disapproving look of his 'chaperon', sobered him a tad. The man rattling off his antics would only make his aunt more insistent about settling down and assuming the throne. As if he even wanted the responsibility in the first place.

Moving into the perch, he allowed for the wind to whisk through his hair and the sun to beat down onto his face. The last remains of the sun, at least, because soon enough the moon would rise and bring them one step closer to his awaiting kingdom.

He started to call down to the crew to settling in for the night when the tides began to change violently. Odd. ]

All hands on deck! [ His voice called down as he hurried to land his feet back on the deck with the rest of the scurrying members. The waters churned up more, practically slamming into the vessel and try as they might they could not navigate away from the looming rocks heading their way. ]

Brace for impact! [ With a sickening crunching sound the vessel slammed into the jagged rocks, sending everyone and everything flying everywhere. Steve hit the water so hard nearly all the air wheezed out of his lungs and he sunk down like a stone. It took a few moments for him to become aware again but when he did he tried to fight the way back to the surface, lungs burning and chest feeling heavier and heavier by the moment.

No, no, no. He needed to resurface and help his crew - his family. They mattered more to him than anyone else back in the kingdom and he couldn't lose them.

He couldn't. ]
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[personal profile] divulsion 2017-07-08 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
[She told herself she wasn't going to do it again. After the last time she swore to herself that she would never again try to break the curse that kept her chained to her lonely island. It wasn't worth the hope or the inevitable heartbreak that came. The first two hundred years she'd dashed herself against the fickle hearts of men, hoping that one would come to love her in spite of what she was.

Her jailers had condemned her for what she was, had cursed her for circumstances beyond her control rather than judge her for her heart or actions. For decades she'd tried again and again to find the one man who might see past what she was and come to love her for who she was.

And every time they had learned the truth, the whole truth, they had turned their backs on her and condemned her as surely as those before.

She'd told herself she wouldn't shipwreck another young man onto this island, for the last hundred years, over and over again she tried to teach herself to be content with her solitary existence. She honed her magic and saw to the prosperity of this island. She hunted game and farmed the land, she fished the oceans and explored its depths for the treasure of ships that had sunk beneath the waves. And every time a ship had come near her island she'd resisted the urge to try once more.

Until she saw him.

There was something about the way he'd stood on board, something proud and free that had appealed to her. She'd felt her heart soar watching him hang without fear from the rigging of the ship even as the waves had tossed it to and fro. Treading water not far off, mermaid-tail churning beneath her to keep her aloft she'd found herself transfixed. There was no part of her that could resist him. The pain of what she'd lost and the constant heartbreak had dulled in the absence of company. The lure of everything he embodied and represented outweighed the history of her incarceration. Hope kindled in her breast and she didn't even think twice before using her magic to call harsh winds and rough waves to batter the ship. Single-minded in her purpose she drew a storm to crash over that ship, again and again until the man flew free of it.

And at once, she swam beneath the water to retrieve him, to save him and pull him ashore before he could die among the bones of so many sailors who had traveled too close to her island before.]

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@cheryl (hashtagtwinning).

[personal profile] wreckshavoc 2017-07-06 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Riverdale: the town sounded quaint and Veronica didn't know how to handle it. Big cities she knew how to manoeuvrer around and disappear into her own niche but small towns revealed too much. Why should she care? Well, she had a very big secret and she needed to make sure no one discovered it.

Sighing deeply to herself, Veronica went into the local hangout. Pops? Did she fall into a 50s sitcom or something? With a roll of her eyes, she went over to the counter to order a burger, fries and a chocolate milkshake before taking a seat at one of the booths. She removed her gloves and sat them aside, eyes drifted over to some of the other patrons.

The whole retro vibe would lose its appeal really quick but what could she do? Her mother wanted to move them back to her hometown and refused to listen to any of her arguments on the matter.

Fingertips sparking for a moment, she quickly managed to wrap her emotions back under control just as her food clanged onto the table. Too close. ]
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@cheryl (hashtagtwinning).

[personal profile] hashtagtwinning 2017-07-07 12:55 am (UTC)(link)
[ Quaint was, perhaps, the perfect word for Riverdale. Cheryl Blossom knows this better than anyone; Riverdale is a small town, one that she may as well be the queen of. Or, princess of. It doesn't really matter; what matters is that she's notorious.

Rarely is she out without her hand in Jason's, or her arm slipped through his. They make quite the picture, she knows; there are whisperings amongst the townspeople about them. About her family, in general. But it doesn't matter, because she is bold, and strong, and powerful. She is fire. And she is feared.

Today is different. Jay-Jay is nowhere to be seen. His lack of presence is exhilarating as it is terrifying for Cheryl; but she can function on her own. Particularly when there's business to take care of.

Jason dislikes her "petty games," anyway. And when there's a new heiress in town, it's only polite to introduce herself. Which is why, with a flash of red hair and redder lipstick, she swiftly enters Pop's--and places one hand with long, red talons on the table in front of Veronica. ]

Cheryl Blossom. May I sit?

[ She offers a smile, and sits without waiting for Veronica to speak. ]

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[personal profile] skiesprincess 2017-07-06 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[ The shot rang through the air, the noise reverberating throughout Clarke's body as she looked on in horror at Lexa nearly crumbling to the ground. Without thinking twice, she darted out to catch her and bring them both over to the bed. Frantically, she tore at Lexa's clothing to find where the bullet lodge itself all the while trying to fumble for her makeshift first aid kit she kept with her. ]

You're going to be okay. [ The words were to reassure her as much as Lexa if not more. Tears stinging her eyes, she readied the utensils and disinfected as best as she could before she started to pull the bullet out and stitch up the wound. She finished up by bandaging it, her eyes barely leaving Lexa's face the entire time.

At least, Titus had stumbled away and left them to deal with things. ]

I know we don't have a lot of time but you have to rest for now, I mean it. We can worry about everything else later.
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[personal profile] hedalexa 2017-07-07 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
[It's like a bad dream, the kind of nightmare you have in the two hours sleep you get before a battle.

There are no words to be said when she looks down at the black stain of her blood leaking out of her, the gun in Titus' hand... and Clarke. She must have thought of dying a million times before. Heda's came and went like the summer birds, she had been an exception, but even those don't last forever.

But she didn't think it would end like this, with the sharp, suddenness of it all, the taste of Clarke still lingering on her lips, the hope that she could get her to stay still sticking to the back of her throat with all the words she was sure she would never, now, get to say.

The world seems to swim beneath her, and then she's grabbed, picked up by arms she would know in any lifetime... arms she could never have conceived of betraying her. Titus.

It doesn't matter anymore, her head is light, her body trembles as she tries to focus on Clarke, on her sweet face that had been smiling not ten minutes before, on the worry that now creases her brow as she tries to staunch the blood flow, tries to find something to fix Lexa's wound.

She had never been one to let things be.]

Clarke. [her voice doesn't feel right, the pain too sharp for her to completely mask that she feels it but she presses on.] Clarke do not be afraid. [Death is not the end, she almost adds, but, it would be, for Clarke. She has never given Lexa anything but disbelieving looks when that comes up. It is not in the Skaikru nature to accept death.

At least, it was not in Clarke's so Lexa makes no noise of protest when Clarke starts to dig around inside the wound, seeking the traitorous bullet that had ruined a day that had barely been salvaged, to begin with.

She ignores the way her eyes water and her vision spins as each stitch pulls her unwilling flesh back together, she even manages to smile a little when Clarke is done and tells her to rest.]

If you do not go, you will never get past the blockade. You wish to be with your people, you still can. [She tries for reassuring as her fingers squeeze Clarkes, but her grip is as fuzzy as her vision is right now, and she's not sure she's helping her case.

Not that it's a case she wants to make... but Clarke was clearly no safer in Polis. Titus had been the one the commanders in her dream had warned her about. Of all the people it could've been.]

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@buildsomething | soulmates AU.

[personal profile] stevegrogers 2017-07-07 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
[ Emotions fueled everything, sometimes as soft as a whisper, feather light and fleeting while other times they were consuming to the very depths of a person, pulling them underneath currents without any mercy. But each and every person in their society wanted to feel something because it ensured a soulmate; the perfect other half to make you whole. It sounded rather cliche and fairy book but it held things together when it could have spiraled into ultimate demise.

If someone didn't feel anything but their own sense of self it meant they were one of the very, very rare unmarked ones. The unmarked were scorned and thought of as dangerous because why would mother nature deem someone unfit for another half?

Typically, they were tossed into the outback, far away from everyone else to not taint them all with their instability. Whether such an instability existed mattered very little.

For Steve Rogers, he just so happened to be soulmate-less but he managed to keep it to himself and when he crashed the plane to save the world, it didn't really matter in the end. His tattoo never made sense and he never felt his soulmate there in the back of his mind. No one ever shared his emotions and as much as it pained him, his demise meant Peggy could once again focus on finding her intended rather than lose focus with him.

Waking up seventy or so years later really tossed him for a loop. Anxiously pacing back and forth in the same room they had him in after they explained what happened, Steve waited for the one they assigned to help him 'acclimate'.

The last name being Stark made him both eager and fearful. Both emotions remained when the man entered the room and for the first time in his entire life he felt a surge, a ping and his tattoo felt hot, white hot, in fact resting on his chest.

It never made any sense but little did he know the tattoo was a replica of the arc reactor featured on Tony's chest. ]
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[personal profile] buildsomething 2017-07-07 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Tony had never been a big fan of the whole soulmate thing. He made a lot of noises about being an empiricist, about there being no real scientific evidence, but the truth was a lot more prosaic than that. Howard Stark's son had known what the shield on the inside of his right wrist meant the second he was old enough to understand what a soulmate was.

The universe had tied him to a dead man. Hilarious.

Except it hadn't stopped laughing, apparently, because some three decades later Tony had been in the middle of poking at one of his myriad projects when his chest suddenly twisted so hard that for a second Tony thought the reactor had failed. The surge vanished as quickly as it had come, leaving ghostly echoes of shock, confusion and an overwhelming sadness. And none of it was his.

He'd been in the middle of reaching for the phone when Fury called. And Fury had to have known, for all that he'd been nothing but his usual charming self when he'd barked that Tony had better get his ass over there. Tony had been hiding his mark for most of his life, but Fury was Fury. And no one in their right mind would have called in Tony Stark over something as delicate as trying to re-acclimate a man to a new century if there hadn't been some ulterior motive. For once, Tony hadn't argued.

So here he was. Staring at a man who was born sixty years before him but looked twenty years younger. His right hand twitched slightly at the heat spreading from the mark on his wrist, and he folded his arms across his chest, trying to find some semblance of calm here.]

Captain Rogers. I'm Tony Stark.

[As first introductions went, it probably could have gone better.]

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@joe | text.

[personal profile] rhardy 2017-07-26 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[ after talking with claire about the murders, she directed him to talk to her husband since he knew far more about eye imagery and what might motivate the serial killer there. with a shake of his head, ryan grabbed for his phone to text the professor to set up a meeting. ]

This is Ryan Hardy with the FBI. Your wife gave me your number and I wanted to see when would be a good time for you to meet and discuss? She said you'd have more insights with what we're dealing with.
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@surprise me!

[personal profile] withthebau 2017-07-26 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[ sometimes crimes happened suddenly and proceeded to change everything by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which so happened to be where JJ found herself along with the other witness. the witness she now found herself 'married' to as a witness protection sort of thing. they had tangled up with what seemed like the mafia but the team worried about scratch being involved and he always went to such great lengths to make things happen. they couldn't risk it.

so, now she found herself in the middle of nowhere in an amish-like town. they were given new identities, clothing, the whole lot. they managed to make it seem like she just so happened to be one of the long last cousins to the brook family. the brook's clan owned the land they were staying on, situated in one of the outer housing units, which seemed like it once housed servants but she kept the distaste to herself. ]

How you holding up? I know it's a lot to process but we should talk to get our stories straight on our relationship. We can't rouse any suspension.
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@tony | time travel au.

[personal profile] backalleywars 2017-07-26 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[ walking along the docks on his way home, Steve paused in his trek as he noticed an out of the place lump resting along the side. odd. he probably should have continued walking but curiosity pushed him to move closer and take in the crumbled form of a man. he appeared - with a slightly shaky hand, Steve squatted down to check his breathing and heartbeat. both were there and some of the tension left his shoulders in swift relief. not a dead boy then but he still needed to get the guy away from the docks before all the workers filed in because they would - well, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

shaking the guy, Steve caught sight of a watch on the man's wrist and it looked very expensive, a direct contrast to the rags on his body.

a thief, maybe? knocked out during a heist? ]
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[personal profile] buildsomething 2017-07-26 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[Something was shaking him. Tony groaned and batted at the hands, trying to get them to stop rattling his head. It already felt like the worst kind of hangover, only he couldn't remember the fun part of drinking first.

Actually, he couldn't remember much of anything. A fight, maybe? His head was too fuzzy to focus. And he was still being insistently shaken.]

Will you knock it off? [He grumbled the words out roughly, slitting his eyes open to see who was bothering him.]

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@jacob | soulmates au.

[personal profile] stevegrogers 2017-07-26 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[ to say the least, soulmates never really landed too high on Steve's radar even before the serum because he always doubted having one and the other person actually wanting him.

it turned out he not only had a soulmate but an immortal one. they had met a couple of times, each one strained but this time they decided to actually spend some time together and have more of a 'date like' setting.

the selection? an arcade. no one should ever let Steve pick the locations. ]
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@wanda | heat au.

[personal profile] stevegrogers 2017-07-26 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
How are you feeling?
It's been a few days, I know, but I wanted to check on you.
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[personal profile] divulsion 2017-07-26 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm alright [That's not reassuring.] fine [Sounds like you're trying to shut him down...] good.

[The truth.]

A little sore but I prefer it to the lingering shakiness I normally get.

[When she'd had no one, it had taken longer for her body to get back to normal. Longer for the effects of her heat to taper off, longer for her head and her emotions to all get back to where they'd been.]

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